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Pledge to Ignore

On October 31, 2014, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed an “independent high-level panel” to review the way the UN and the world’s governments deal with peace operations. Given billions of candidates to consider, he selected 14 panelists: 11 men, three women. Worse still, the announcement came on the 14th anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1325, which makes it incumbent upon on all governments, and every part of the UN system, to ensure the equal participation of women in all aspects of peace and security.

AIDS-Free World wrote to the Secretary-General, urging him to appoint additional members to the panel in order to achieve the gender balance required by 1325. While the S-G's spokesperson issued a formal apology at one of the UN daily press briefings and added Radhika Coomaraswamy as an "ex officio" member of the panel, these actions are nowhere near good enough.

It's time for the Secretary-General to appoint a panel that lives up to the UN's rhetoric on gender equality. Until the UN corrects the gender imbalance of this panel, we pledge to ignore the panel’s work, and we protest its very credibility.

Read the summary of our open letters and statements to date:

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